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Begemot Oy provides business connection services for companies who are interested in the market in the CIS region – the most important target countries are Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. We assist with import and export functions among other things in the field of corrosion protection of pipelines and railway safety systems thanks to our connections. The company founder Lauri Honka has a long and varied experience in operating in Russia and speaks Russian fluently.



The primary export activity of Begemot Oy is promotion of the pin brazing method in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. It is a patented braze method to applicate electrical connectors to steel constructions (see e.g. www.safetrack.se). Pin brazing is used for example when protecting gas pipelines against corrosion, for electrical railway security systems and for grounding various types of steel structures.


Begemot Oy has for many years contributed to marketing and imports of Theft Deterrent Copper-Steel Cable manufactured in Russia to Finland and elsewhere in Europe. In Western Europe this cable is sold under the brand name SafeCable.


When operating in different positions in Russia, the company leader got familiar with technical regulations and standards (SNiP-norms), applicable in construction sector. The strong area of expertise is knowledge of state standards (GOST) for construction materials, particularly concerning locking systems as well as acquisition of necessary certificates, conformity certificates and other official documents.



Because of recent trends of the Russian economy, ruble exchange rate development and different sanctions, it is becoming increasingly relevant to establish production facilities and other locations in Russia. Begemot Oy founder Lauri Honka has a diverse experience in investment activities of small and medium-sized enterprises in Russia.
The followings tasks are crucial when considering investments and/or acquisitions:

  • Evaluation of business plans of a company or an individual project (feasibility study) and assistance in preparing these plans
  • Analysis of income statements and balance sheets (financial due diligence) of potential investment or purchase targets
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Preparing contracts

Practical experience in investment operations in Russia is based on activities of Northwest Russia Regional Venture Fund, set up by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, in which the company’s leader worked as a Senior Fund Manager.

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